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Cult Awareness - A Message Of Hope

Many cults or groups can be harmless simply preaching good will and love in a slightly unorthodox manner but harmful cults sell this and can also exploit a person and take away their identity.

Love and goodwill is a universal spiritual and emotional state that we all desire. In itself it is pure and unquestionable. It is used as the glue that holds our social relationships together. It is this very glue that cults commoditize and then conditionalize that turns love on its head.


To families of loved ones, the sad truth about people in cults : We as carers need to accept that Love can be blind and as a result we ourselves may need to endure love and loss, joy and sorrow, reality and stupidity whilst still retaining hope. People who are vulnerable can easily be manipulated and exploited. It's not their fault.

This site exists as a dedication to multiple victims and a personal loved one who was induced into a socially harmful cult known as Universal Medicine.

Rejecting logic and pleas by a partner, family and friends, instead wishing to sit and serve at the alter of Serge Benhayon who is allegedly claiming ” to be the incarnation of a supernatural Ascended Master of the Hierarchy – in the company of Jesus, Saint Germain, Saint Peter and Pythagoras, and the only human being to have achieved the highest level of initiation on earth.”

(Very impressive accreditation considering in the supreme court he was portrayed as a "Liar" and "Just a conman from Goonellabah" and found to be "the leader of a socially harmful cult".)

To the souls of the victims in the crossfire :  “I appreciate that in your current spiritual state you may not understand all this now but hopefully in time you may come to realise what a rare and wonderful opportunity you have let slip through your fingers because of false Gods, cult doctrine and imposed beliefs.”

 I will be there for you when you consider returning and I am sure the families of others in similar circumstances feel the same about their loss. Love Always AG xx

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Thought reform that leads to a loss of freedom of thought.

When a group ideology is very prescriptive and/or complex and then also coves a large spectrum of daily living it stifles the individuals ability to distinguish between fact and fiction. This is the early stage of thought reform where with peer pressure it is easier to accept than challenge.

When you introduce an additional layer of complexity that 'everything is connected', add in adulterated religious concepts, unfounded science, non accredited medical treatments and pure science fiction, you end up with a cult ideology so confusing and interwoven that the ideology seems to on the surface reinforce itself manyfold and individual critical analysis, thought or challenge is almost impossible. Good and evil are interchangeable, everything is defendable and pigs can literally fly!

With regular repetition of indoctrination the thought reform cements itself as one accepts the only echo that is ever heard in a victim's head.

Enter the world of the socially harmful Universal Medicine Cult… where a leader can decree anything and it becomes unquestionable, where the outside world is depicted as flawed and purity only exist within.


Outright Egotism and Stupidity Behind Universal Medicine Beliefs

Scourge Cult The assertions of Benhayon about the exact physical properties of aliens, his 2300 reincarnations, his mystical healing powers, would leave any sensible person asking how could anyone take this seriously? It is obviously outright egotistic claims and it depict stupidity at its extremes in so many areas of science, theology and medicine. Yet through the powers of thought reform (brainwashing) the victims will accept these and any other assertions without question. When one of these otherwise sensible victims are challenged on this the response was that Serge is so precious to them that they simply choose to believe. Benhaylon has set himself up to be the seen as God.

Therein lies the problem with harmful cults, it is not just the charlatan that we need to worry about but the swag of student/disciples or followers that now take on the radical extremist views from their hierarchy without question.

This is not to say that all followers are blinded. There are multiple commercial operators (mostly small one person businesses) that have jumped on the bandwagon reselling the Universal Medicine brand to easy prey. There is nothing illegal here but it does raise moral and ethical questions. The biggest beneficiary however must be Benhayon himself as he proclaims that leaving inheritances to your children will harm you and them in the Next life and you should give not only your soul but your savings to him instead.  And yes sadly vulnerable people have fallen for it too..

With a following boasted of up to 1000, there is obviously a significant financial incentive to be made for some, but at the same time the mental health of many is also jeopardised and left to family and society to mop up.

The Self Harm To Indoctrinated Believers.

Much has been written about the leadership of the Universal Medicine Cult but little focus has been placed on the victims. In the broader outer circles, the families and friends fall victim to a loved one that has changed, and at the heart is the indoctrinated follower who often starts living a totally false or double life.

We see very rational people behaving absolutely normally in daily life until a question mark is raised about the cult or its teaching. The default 101 cult reaction, is to deny and defend no matter what, all rational is lost from the conversation until the topics changes and the rational person returns. It is a heartbreaking phenomenon to observe in a loved one.

With the adoption of its own healing methodologies another dangerous symptom is that victims often refuses to utilise traditional medical practices in place of what can only be described as faith healing. We have seen victims constantly delaying medical attention whist relying on faith to intervene.

The thought control is so strongly imbedded that a person with a period pain, breast lump, skin rash, stress disorder, experiencing work practice bulling, and other physical and mental issues turn to the very same faith healer to try and rectify all these different conditions.

A misguided faith in unqualified practitioners does result self harm to victims as most symptoms remain untreated for much longer than necessary. When you see a victims become so convinced that they need healing on a weekly basis year after year you realises they see themselves as psychologically flawed as well. The addiction leads to ongoing low self-esteem.

With the ugly manipulated spin of reincarnation that is interwoven in the cult doctrine, if you are fortunate enough to be well, then of course there is always the need to heal issues from your past life as well.

Broader Social Harm of Universal Medicine Cult

Beyond the self harm caused by cult indoctrination, there are also broader social concerns.

The damage to victims and their immediate families is overwhelming, especially where relationships fall apart or are placed in limbo. This is not just affecting the mental well being of the indoctrinated members, but also the partner and extended families and places a strain on mental health workers, all of which could easily have been avoided.

Sadly some of the health care providers are indoctrinated members themselves!

Incitement of hate is fuelled when victims minds are constantly being filled with any negative sentiments from tragic occurrences in the real world, leading to a perception that the world is bad and that the only good that exists is within the cult. What I have observed time and time again is where a cult member is accused of any wrong doing they simply justify it because someone has done something worse, or what they are doing is right and its just the rest of the world that is out of step. The net result is a socially harmful cult that generates hate speech against organisations governments and society as a whole to justify its own moral shortcomings.

From a different perspective the adulterated teaching on reincarnation and absurd interpretations imply that punishment is due in this life for grievance in the past. Benhayon is of course the architect of the punishment. Universal Medicine preaches that disabled children are “reincarnations of evil, authoritarian figures from the past”. It claims people who are sexually abused were abusers in their past life.

These sort of teaching are utterly vulgar, offensive and incompatible with society and should not be given breath. The adulterated beliefs are not only offensive to victims of crime but also tarnish accepted religious and spiritual beliefs. Yet despite this, the cult followers are so spell bound that they defend these types of statements and claim the outside world just doesn’t understand their new found interpretation of reincarnation and karma correctly.

The indoctrination of people to believe this type of rhetoric and then propagate it into society should be something that authorities act upon rather than neglect. It creates resentment, a “them and us" mentality and incites hate take rather than good will between man.
A quote from the then Senator Nick Xenophon at a CIFS conference held at Parliament House on cults in 2011 said,
"There are no limits on what you can believe but there are limits on how you behave, it is called the Law and no one is above it" 
The Law is there to protect society from the very real abuses that occur in cults.

It’s about time that politicians once again stepped up to the plate and followed through.

At a minimum, similar to legislation surrounding working with children, legislation should be mandated to insure vulnerable people in the community are not exposed to members of cult organisations with radical views that could easily make the situation worse. This should apply across all counselling services, spiritual care services, support services, health care services or other institutions where there could be a conflict of interest between the wellbeing of an individual and existing cult doctrines..


Footnote: Written as a high level overview from years of lived experience with a victim, personal Esoteric treatments by UM practitioners and reviews of official UM literature rather than academic certification. There is abundant academic literature available online that describes in detail the subtle characteristics, techniques, manipulations and processes used by cults to achieve mind reform that is not included here.

The words 'victim' has been used extensively to imply cult members themselves because they act outside of their natural personality and are themselves being manipulated by cult doctrine.

The true profile of Serge Benhaylon and his Universal Medicine Cult, based on countless witnesses in a 2 year trial can be read in the findings of the year NSW Supreme Court summary. Supreme Court of NSW final jury’s findings on Serge Benhayon.